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The biggest problem with art is that people often don't understand what it is for. Yes, you may be able to understand why someone made a sculpture or a series of photographs. But in the terms of existing, why do we have art? There is no simple answer, because art is different for everyone. However, there are some common themes that are important to note in order to understand why art exists in the first place. 1. Art Keeps Us Hopeful There is a reason why the most famous pieces of art are of pretty things. It's not that we want to forget the terrible things in the world, but that we want a reminder of what is beautiful in this world. It keeps us hopeful. 2. Art Makes Us Less Lonely Everyone has a sadness in them, and often times we feel alone in this pain. Artists often depict personal sadness or common issues of the world that many people can relate to. We as the viewer can relate to this sadness and feel comforted by the fact that someone has been there before and that pain is part of normal human life. 3.Art Rebalances Us Most of us are in an imbalance in someway. We can be too smart, too masculine, too emotional, too calm, too feminine. Sometime we are moved by art that fills the void we feel in our lives. It may have qualities that we desire, but have less of in our life. 4. Art Helps Us To Appreciate Stuff Media and celebrities may give us hints at what is popular or "important", but art can do the same to a much more meaningful extent. Art can show us important issues we never recognized, incredible phenomena that we overlook, and can return glamor to its rightful place. 5. Art Is Propaganda For What Really Matters I'd like to deviate from the video just a bit on this point. Art can bring up and promote things that truly matter, things that may be overlooked, things you may have no even knew existed. It's an incredibly poignant way of addressing these issues. However, art can also bring up questions that haven't been asked and that may not be able to be answered. Like a scientist making a hypothesis, artists can ask questions. Artists take it a step farther though, their questions aren't limited to what can be done in a lab, they ask questions that are personal, deep, meaningful, and unimaginable. This is what art is for, this is why we need art in our lives. Many people may never connect to art, may never appreciate it, and that is OKAY! For those that it does speak to, it's incredibly important and often speaks to things that are difficult to communicate. Sorry if that got a little ranty, hope you like the video!
I didn't find you ranty at all! You brought up a lot of good points. This card should be required reading for all of our Vingle visual arts communities! ;)
@danidee @sherrysahar Glad you like it! And remember, art is personal! You can feel however you want to feel about it, that's up to you :D
I love this video thanks so much for sharing it and I completely agree with you the one's that appreciate the art the art speaks to them and its definitely important often speaks and shows us the world the hidden deep emotions hidden inside us. Thanks for sharing this video and enjoy your weekend.