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Have you ever noticed that a city is sometimes most alluring at night? Photographer Gregg Segal feels this way about Los Angeles. A city not known for it's architecture and much of the appeal is only based on fiction and the movies. However, when the sun goes to sleep the city becomes bathed in neon and darkness. Gregg plays with these themes of the city, using city's lights, fog and smog to create these night landscapes. Here's what Gregg says about these Los Angeles nightscapes: "During daylight hours, the thick bands of pollution girding the Los Angeles skyline are a constant reminder of how poor our air quality is. But at night, the foul, chemical filled air traps the city’s excessive artificial light, and in these long exposure images, our skies turn deep emerald green, lush amber, eggplant purple, and bubble gum pink. All these glowing hues obscure the stars and what we think of as a proper night sky. Our lurid skyglow is at once toxic and seductive."
But that doesn't mean it's not beautiful!
@hunahuna @AnthonyB Glad you guys like the shots. Yes this side of LA is very different then how we expect it to look!
Cool perspective of Los Angeles that I've never really seen before. Awesome!
Great, creative shots in this series. I love what he has done with layering and lighting of elements.