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We've heard it time and again: To build muscle, you must train with weights; to lose fat, you hit the treadmill. But there's growing evidence that this notion is simply wrong. "A weight-busting workout involves multi-joint exercises that target the 'big muscles'", says Jon-Erik Kawamoto, a Strength and Conditioning Specialist and fitness writer based in St. John's Newfoundland. "No machines or isolation exercises — only exercises that require your metabolism to gear up to overdrive". Called a "metabolic blast," these weight circuits involve combinations of large movements from the the upper and lower body, which prime the body to start burning fat, leading to weight loss. The idea is as simple as the execution. Here are 10 moves to start your workout. Begin with sets of eight. Read more: http://www.mensjournal.com/expert-advice/the-real-weight-loss-workout-20150105#ixzz3PePwCdYL  Follow us: @mensjournal on Twitter | MensJournal on Facebook
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I love a good machine-less workout!