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Okay ladies! People are always telling us not to worry about our figures, but it's just fact that there's an "in" figure and an "out" figure at any time. Want proof? Flip through these images that cover the last few decades of looks, and show what the focus of body looks were in popular looks and media! What does this tell us? That every body type is beautiful. Seriously! Body fads come and go, but to someone, at some time, every shape is b-e-a-utiful! So love your body a little, even if you're not perfectly matched to watches popular this decade. You might just be ahead of the curve ;)
The idea image is arbitrary and made up with by popular culture. The verdict - embrace and love what you have.
Proof that there is never one definition of beauty! Love the skin you're in~
I'm just glad the hourglass got some love :) but you're so right @AlohaJPark
The buff beauty...I remember wondering why so many girls walked around in sports bras hahaha