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I don't speak anything but English, so I'm really not sure what the description of this video says! But, I can tell from watching that it is about the sheer joy of trekking with someone you care about, and having a great time at it! I can also see just how beautiful the landscapes they are traveling through in Brazil are. Google Translate helped me out and let me know this was shot in December of 2013 in the São Joaquim National Park. So, if you want to have what looks like a relaxing, but beautiful, journey, I think this might be somewhere to check out!
I want to go there if only to sit and watch the storm clouds coming and forming. It looks really cool.
@happyrock Ah, that makes more sense. Thanks.
@treedweller Like I said I can't read the description so I'm not sure lol. @yakwithalan I think this may have been the compilation of a few day hikes so they may have just been resting, not sleeping
Wow. Time to get out of the country I guess! Why do they camp on such windy faces though?
is that his mom with him? very cool either way