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A friend recently asked me a great question: if she dehydrates a homecooked meal to rehydrate on the trail, how can she know how much water to add? That's a seriously great question. I pretty much use one of three different techniques: 1) Follow a recipe meant for dehydrating and rehydrating; it'll tell you how much! 2) Weight your meal before you dehydrate it. Weight it after dehydration. Convert the weight difference to the amount of water, and use that amount when on the trail! 3) Just cover the food with water for 10 minutes and let it set. Add enough water that it is covered again, bring to a boil and then you're good to go! Sometimes, this will be a little runny, so you can add some potato starch to thicken it up (depending what it is!) Do you have any other tips for rehydrating food on the trail?
@happyrock Good point. I'll do some tests at and around home first to find out.
@yakwithalan Its not perfect, no, but it's a good way to get a guesstimate of what you might need!
Considering a lot of the recipes I have been looking at don't give the water amounts this is really helpful, thanks.
Would weighing really be accurate? Can it reabsorb as much as you took out?
I use the third way: but barely cover it for each step so that I can just add more if its crunchy but it doesn't get too much water