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Want a super comfy, super cheap, and super multi-purpose pillow for your next light hike? Get some 2.5 Gallon Hefty Super Hold bags! Get the bag with the absolute best ziploc, use it to pack up your clothes or something else, and then when you're ready to sleep, inflate it, seal it up, and then add a few small pieces of duct tape on the edges to make sure that it is held shut! What is your preferred sleeping buddy?
I'm not convinced it won't leak air overnight but I'll have to try it and let you know
@treedweller As long as you get one of the ones with the really secure zips you shouod be OK
LOL this isn't even like DIY really its like Buy and use
I have a $30 inflatable pillow I bring with me but this is a great backup plan
@TrevorGoldley The best kind of DIY! @Happyrock it's always good to have an easy backup