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Hi :D I'm recaper who gonna recap I Miss You. Hope you to enjoy this drama and have some fun! x) Tae Jun get angry and threaten Hyung Ju. "Where is my money? If u wanna survive ur son, be hurry!" Myung Hee and Su Yeon is doing funeral for SY's father. She asks to MH, "Now he's gone, right? Is it end?". MH cries.. At that night, they eat out at restuarant. MH gets drunken, "Now your father's gone and we don't have to runaway no more. So now concentrate on your studying, ok?" While talking, she regognize ppl talks about SY's father. "Yeah, the celebrity guy dead? Do u feel interested, huh?" Jeong Woo is hanging out, then finds Su Yeong at playground. "Do you also live here? Hi, I'm Jeong Woo and 15 years old." SY replies "You don't know me? You said u live around.." But JW pretends he doesn't know, so she gets disappointed and walk away. Then, he starts to call her name. she gets surprised and when she's about to say sth it rains. So she gives her umbrella. JW says "I will come here again to give u this back." On way to JW's home, the umbrella doesn't work well, but he feels happy. Next morning SY goes out to see JW. While going, she sees a girl who scared and tries to help but she refuses. In the meanwhile, Tae Jun looks for Hyun Joo's son. He orders "Find him. If he's dead, find his body..!" Jeong Woo asks to his new mother, Mi Ran, "Where's my father? Hyung Ju is in hospital and TJ threatens her. "You wanna live here forever? Then tell me where's ur son! " HJ says "I won't never tell you. If sth happens to my son, u won't get any money." A nurse came in and say to guards "Would u go out for a while? She need to wear other clothe." After they go out, she say to HJ "I'm with ur son. He has hurt in legs and I don't know what to do.." HJ says "You have to be careful. President died and if we don't do well TJ gonna kill me, my son, and you. There's only one way. Go and catch TJ's son." In the meanwhile, SY didn't meet JW finally and goes back to her home. While going, she sees again the girl who looked scary and talks to her. "Are you ok?" Suddenly the girl's mom appear and says "What are you doing? It's none of ur business. Do not care." Next morning JW goes to school and finds SY. He sees she's bullied by school mate cuz they think her father as murder. JW gets shocked and feel uncomfortable about her. While she's taking rest at school health room, hee worries of her. During P.E class, JW come to have fight with mate and SY helps. But he doesn't stop fighting. Seeing he's beated, she remembers when she was beated from her father and feels hard. After school it rains, and SY gives her umbrella to JW again. She cries, saying "It's lie..I kill nobody. Use this. It must be hurting when you gets rained on." But he refuses, "Why u do this to me? I gave ur umbrella back, then just go without caring me!" She says "Ok..I'm not crying because I'm sad. Just because I feel cold in my eyes.." Then she goes alone. JW and SY thinks of each other, feeling sad. Finally he strats to run towards SY's home. And SY is wrting letter to him. 'I won't give this letter to u..but anyway thx for believing I'm not murder's daughter..' She was about to each dinner but someone knocks the door. Victim's family comes and complains. "Where's gone my husband and son? Do u know wat he did to my family?!". SY cries then find JW is watching her. She feels so sad and runsaway. JW finds SY's crying alone in playground. "U're here! Hey, famous girl, Lee Su Yeon..! Murder's daughter, Lee Su Yeon. I wanna be friend with you." Preview of Ep.3) SY says to JW "When kisses at first snow, ppl usually asks have u ever done before?" They become friends, but be bullied together in school. In the meanwhile, Hyun Ju still struggle to survive her son. And grown up JW misees SY, and say alone "I will be waiting for you..I'm gonna be mad.."
ep 1 video is out http://www.vingle.net/posts/72383-Eng-Sub-I-Miss-You-Korean-Drama-Ep-1 eng sub should be out soon :D
Oh Great... Does anyone know where the videos will be playing. I tried Viki and Dramafever but they havent picked it up yet =/
Thanks for the recap i can't wait to see ep 1
wow.. thanks for the recap njkim....^^
10pm KST, station is MBC
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