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No one in our project has enough solid works knowledge to create a downhill deck design that could be cut out by a CNC router. So for now (until I am taking a CAD class next trimester) we are going to trace a pintail I own and convert it into a downhill board my making a few modifications to the shape. What type of things do you think we should do to the shape of a pintail to make it more downhillish? I was thinking cutting off the tail wheel cutouts, maybe making some cuts along the rails.
re drill, re shape and possibly flush mount for some drop
@yourtrucks top mount means the board is on top of the trucks (example- bustin boombox- landyachts wolfshark) drop mount commonly called a drop through is the baseplate is on top of the deck as the hangar is on the bottom ( examples- landyachts drop carve -bustin maestro)
@crazyheart definitely has it right on the redrilling. Making it flush mount could help give you some extra leverage as well.
I've thought about doing this before @10murphyj I'd cut the tail off and round it of or fishtail it then depending on the shape of the nose id make it less blunt. Go for about 36 inch length. You could sand some wheel wells into it but that would depend on the deck thickness. Also defo re drill it to get that front truck really close to the nose
@yourtrucks think he means drop through
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