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Converting pintail deck to downhill deck
No one in our project has enough solid works knowledge to create a downhill deck design that could be cut out by a CNC router. So for now (until I am taking a CAD class next trimester) we are going to trace a pintail I own and convert it into a downhill board my making a few modifications to the shape. What type of things do you think we should do to the shape of a pintail to make it more downhillish? I was thinking cutting off the tail wheel cutouts, maybe making some cuts along the rails.
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Don't drop mount and tip mount mount the same way? From the top down? Im missing some logic here, aren't i ?
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@yourtrucks think he means drop through
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@yourtrucks top mount means the board is on top of the trucks (example- bustin boombox- landyachts wolfshark) drop mount commonly called a drop through is the baseplate is on top of the deck as the hangar is on the bottom ( examples- landyachts drop carve -bustin maestro)
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Awesome. Thanks DeathSlinger! Although I have to add "...drop through is the baseplate on top of the deck ..." See how I got confused there? XD
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Yah basically the trucks are inside the board
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