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This article from the YG United Facebook page announced the fact that Kemmy had, supposedly, (this could be another fake fan apology) apologised to Park Bom for attacking Bom with her song "Do the Right Rap" this apology comes a month before A.KOR is set to have their comeback. I'm glad she apologised (if she actually did) but honestly it's a little late, and more than a little suspicious... I just can't help but wonder how Kemmy would feel if I walked up to her after she had fallen over and kicked her in the face, then came back months later and apologise publicly, while holding a sign saying support my new album??? (Effectively what she did to Bommy) Regardless of the possible motives behind this apology, thank you Kemmy for publicly acknowledging that you did something wrong (if it was really you) :) it doesn't make me want to listen to A.KOR but it does make me more willing to give them another chance... What do you guys think? Full credit to YG United Facebook page for the article :)
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@MattK95 exactly what I was thinking Bom isn't a raper so she really couldn't defend her self :/ but she was handled it very Maturely :)
@MattK95 Exactly! It was uncalled for. @TaehyungKey I agree....she handled it with class just like a lady should BC in all honesty Kemmys diss just came out of a place of jealousy.
@PassTheSuga I agree
Poor Bommie. I'm glad this girl apologized. It was a dumb move.
@TaehyungKey that's exactly what I was thinking :) @PassTheSuga I totally agree Bom handled it perfectly