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I loved you once. I'd love you again. I gave you my all. I'd give it again. The day you went was the day I finally bit the ground. The dirt greeted me as i've been gone forever. Help me to see the better things you said would come after. Show me why it had to be done. you didn't have to leave to find happiness on your own. We could've done it together, now i sit at the edge of the world screaming your name. My legs dangle as i get ready to take flight. i have walked a thousand miles with only your name clinging on to my heart. i knew one day it had to come to this, i knew why it would happen. i warned myself constantly because i didn't want to believe it. now i sit, weightless over the concrete heart of the city. my head is not where it needs to be, an idiom that has made it's meaning so much more. Get your head out of the clouds boy! I loved you once. I want to do it again. I gave you my all. But it doesn't help to play pretend.
@greggr Just what I was thinking! @Voltron15 you really know how to use small bits of changed structure to make a big impact.
I love that the rhyme is separated to only the areas that are formatted differently at the beginning and end. It gives a nice structure.