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Joong ki: Neaa and Reyam, I know you are lovely ladies that have a great personality, kind, optimistic and cheerful. Yeah, you are a great loss if I would not respond to your feelings but I am sorry, indeed I am. I know I won't encounter a woman like you for how long I live but I have someone I love. I wish you guys would find someone better and someone that will treat you well way more than I do. I wish you the best and I hope we can be friends the way we are before. Take care. ^^ P.S. The woman I love is jenny. I read this here in vingle: You cannot make someone be attracted to you who simply isn't. You can’t force someone to feel a spark with you, even if you felt an unbelievable one with them. You can’t hope for more than being treated the way you are willing to treat them.
Thanks Jenny! :)
hehehe... now guys let's go back to reality and start sharing sources for EP 16... :)
eh since neaa loves me that much then I guest I'll accept the truce. reyam you too right. Look at this guys -> http://www.vingle.net/posts/69554-Love-Phobia-%EF%BC%88%E2%95%AF%C2%B0%E2%96%A1%C2%B0%EF%BC%89%E2%95%AF I really love that movie
ejna.. haha.... hope it lasts
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