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It's raining and snowing and I wish I was out working on tricks and dancing and sliding.
I don't consider the editing as a flaw of her skill at doing tricks and such but more of a flaw at making videos. Her timing is pretty bad but it's something she could improve easily. She is better than me. I can only do a few tricks and not even that well. Once spring and summer hit I'm going to be spending all day and night stepping up my skills.
@EricDavis pretty much. I think their at a good spot right now I haven't tested them downhill that hard. I like how much carving I can do and how they turn right now.
@EricDavis lol. they were to tight and I loosened them to much
She needs to work on lookin less awkward when landing, but man shes got style
@EricDavis my strongest ability right now is downhill 35 mph is my top speed. I'm working on slides and tricks. Dancing is nothing for now but I want to learn.
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