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It's raining and snowing and I wish I was out working on tricks and dancing and sliding.
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Loaded did some FAQ, think it's posted on their website. For Freeride they recommend [the trucks as loose as you're comfortable with].
@EricDavis it makes a lot of sense the looser they are the more leverage you get for slides. At least that's what I've noticed after loosening mine.
@RichardSchafer yeah I've given mine tons of tweaking after reading it. what I once thought were wobbles turned out to be just my trucks reacting to bumps a bit better as well xD!
@RichardSchafer also, my experience with leverage is the same ^^ yay loose trucks! boo for overestimating how loose I can handle Q.Q
@EricDavis pretty much. I think their at a good spot right now I haven't tested them downhill that hard. I like how much carving I can do and how they turn right now.