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Result of faith Vs Arang PAGE 1
guys it will take time..maybe even days.. be patient!! ana.. mail me the list please!! http://www.vingle.net/posts/46143 FINAL PAGE :http://www.vingle.net/posts/70719-Final-Page-Faith-vs-Arang-poll-result spare me for my handwriting and guys it might take days..as i have exams.. most probably Arang won..but i'm not sure..
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i vote for faith too..neaa can you put my name in the list..hahahha..?
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jesarahman i guess you already voted..today i'm gonna finish the count!
5 years ago·Reply
goodluck neaa on that...^^
5 years ago·Reply
1 more page.. handwriting pitiable..because i was quite tired!
5 years ago·Reply
I'm fine neaaaaaaaaaaaa :)
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