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While I think it's much smarter to stick to on-leash hiking, if you're on your own land or in a private place where off leash hiking is possible, you should make sure your pup is trained to come back to you and respond to their names. You can do this with the "Name + 'Come' Recognition." This trainer explains some of the basics of how to teach dogs this technique for this at 1:10. Honestly, this is a great technique to teach all dogs (hiking or not) so that they know that coming to find their owner and coming back to their owner when called is a GOOD thing that they should always do! I think mine is pretty good at this, but I might train some more just to be sure.
My dogs have all learned their names from a very young age, I think. I hope. It's hard to say, though, if they truly recognize it when I call....I guess it's time to test.
@happyrock Also just because its good to have your dog that well trained
I mean like @TrevorGoldley mentioned though there are some situations where off leash is totally fine, and isn't it good to train for of leash in case the leash breaks?
I still think on leash is so much safer.