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Is your dog ready for the trail? Have you checked their endurance level? How about their vaccinations and other aspects of their health? If not, you really should. After all he can't tell you if he's feeling bad or otherwise!!! - Take your pup to the vet and asked if he's very healthy. - While hiking, look for his speed (does his pace slow?) - If he falls behind or limps, check him immediately. - If he's breathing heavily, rest! Bring the following just in case: - gauze - aspirin (10 mg / kg every 12 hours) - bandage/splint - nail clippers - well fitting booties with traction (great for rocky terrain, but will need to train to wear them using really yummy food).
@fallingwater I had no idea either. Makes sense, though, their pads are really important. Just like a horses shoes are important, too.
The paw stuff is so cool. I didn't even know I should get something for my pets paws so the salt doesnt hurt them.
I love the vets advice about figuring out whether or not your dog needs booties are coats! So many people assume that because dogs have fur they wouldn't need them
Always smart to consult a doctor before hitting the trail, whether you're a human or a dog!