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hello i am just know sooooooo mad cause jenny made a fake message and i already told my lawyer to sue jenny song joong ki oppa was mad when he hear such a nonsense he told me to sue jenny cause he is a nice guy and he already broke jenny heart ones when he choose me so he told me to this instead of him also for jenny and neaa he left this message: song joong ki: neaa I am really sorry for leaving you but i love younger ladies even though i know that you are such a great person,good,kind,pretty,hopeful, but still i made my choice and its Reyam and for Jenny:even though you made a lie message still you are kind with good personality ,cheerful but i still chose Reyam so to these too pretty,kind ,good ladies i am sorry and you are just a third wheels for me so sorry for using both of you to make reyam jealous now its the end thanks for the time we spent together girls and Reyam I love you...
LOL !! kids and your dreams!
stop fighting you two.. I'll confiscate him so you guys behave.
no he wont
@neaa nope he loves me
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