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I read a story about how a man stole a donation jar that was gathering donations for a sick, young boy from a bar, and then still went and paid with his debit card, which made it possible for the bar owner to track him down. Rather than press charges right away, she talked to the sick boys' mother, and they decided together that rather than press charges, they could help educate the man. Nobody wanted him to go to jail, just to make amends and get on track. So, they told him that he should return the jar, apologize directly to the boy, and stand outside the bar with a sign that said he stole the money so please come donate to help the boy. While everyone involved seemed ok with this, the police stepped in and advised him to turn himself in because they would be pressing charges. Now, I understand that due process is due process, but if the parties directly involved were content to handle the situation this way, was it necessary for the police to step in? Was it not possible for them to just let it be? The bar owner said she would press charges Monday if she was not satisfied with how the man acted to repay his wrong. What do you think should have been done?
@amog32 Ah I see.
@drwhat No, I agree with you, just saying what opposing sides I've heard.
@amog32 I suppose, but doesnt eveyone always have the ability to wrong? Who's to say he won't become a very great guy in society?
@drwhat I haven't kept up with it, sorry. But agreed that it should be enough. I suppose the argument might be that you don't know what else or who else he might steal from
Any updates on this? The guy should have just been let be. If all parties involved were satisfied isn't that enough?