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I am sooooo impressed with this! Using two different wigs, this wig for Yuya Sakaki was born! I have a hard enough time working with one wig, working with two sounds beyond impossible. The wigs were from Epic Cosplay, in their Persephone 40” in Forest Green(12SHG)! Cosplayer:
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Hes lucky he was able to find that forest green. It would have been a pain to dye!
Please tell me he duels dressed like this!!!
@timeturnerjones If he didn't that would be a complettteee waste of a good wig. And cosplay.
Hey guys! I -just- saw this update, but to answer your questions... @amog32 : It's sewed on from around where the stem is attached. That stem is attached with fishing line by the way and a little glue to keep it perky and firmly attached. @vulpix : I know, right? @timeturnerjones / @hikaymm : I have a long history of doing this at cons, and I also have a bunch of cosplay duel videos from games and events on my YouTube channel, at ~
@Pharaohmone Woahhh hey welcome hahah!!! I have actually watched some of your vids before after seeing this card do awesome work!!