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First, has anyone's Vingle been crashing? Mine kept freezing then crashing since last week. There was an iOS update today. Hopefully, it worked! I got lazy, and didn't tape my gloves, but today, I had a feeling that the leather Landyachtz would rip soon, so I gave in. I have to say that the leather Landyachtz lasted much longer without any tears compared to the Arbor gloves. The Arbor gloves ripped easily around the finger tips, but the shock absorption stood out. If you're looking to get gloves, I would suggest the leather. It seems more durable than the nylon/polyester gloves. I also have gloves with some suede (the black one pictured here), but I haven't used them. I'll give a review once it's broken in. P.S. I don't plan on making a habit of putting my finger tips down, but since I'm still learning, it's bound to happen. Hoping the tape will get me through the hard times, lol.