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The advantages of LED screen curtain in 2015

LED display manufacturers and enterprises have already closed the sales gap to twice times. China as a whole corps in 2014, half of sales volume has exceeded global market (surpassing), market share in high-end and low-end product lines have advantages--gap only in the sense that in the end, than larger products. Cost of LED screen and led lamp, led SMD technology. LED display manufacturer will be the focus on product stability, reliability, performance tuning, system optimization of the transfer. Product highlights new technology will mainly reflected in the "overall experience", such as volume, product mix, customized, and so on. Indeed, it does not rule out flexible LED product into a "relative performance of excess" industrial stage. Product market competition from leading technology, leading to channels, services, brands and cost advantage. LED curtain industry sectors have been identified as the priority direction of industrial extension, realization of production and outdoor media dual implementation, industrial structure extends from secondary industries to tertiary industry? LED full-color display because of its flexible multimedia features, a large volume of information, and is widely used in the field of advertising, ' favor. According to industry experts, estimate that by 2015, flexible LED screen ad market revenue will be more than 3 billion yuan, the market prospects are tremendous. Curtain LED display in addition to outside independent industry bigger and stronger, using quality products for improvement of business models, from product suppliers to product providers to carriers. In 2015, LED display industry and advertising success "in hand", improved operations, has great room for development. LED curtain screen for stage shows the effect, nonlinear correction technique was used, the images clearer, stronger layering; reliability, distributed scanning technology and the module design technology, offer high reliability and stability; universal video player software, make the system operation is very convenient. Has been widely used in trade shows, port, airport, railway station, bus station, a large sports and Convention venues, intelligent transportation, electricity, highways, banks, advertising, commercial, tax, telecommunications, hospitals, banks, markets, public squares and other related systems and almost all industries.
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