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I'm a bag of tears No one wants me. Everyone leaves me. Life, it taunts me. So alone. Desperate for a home. All the pain, It cures my broken heart. As I wait for someone to love. And someone to love in return. I break my thrown of crowns. I get down from my chair. Now I look up. So scared to be seen. To be taken and cared. Scared to be loved. Because no one has ever loved me.
Yes of course, it's amazing how caring strangers can be. 馃檶 thank you.
@KaytlenClucas Wow...kudos to you for growing form something so difficult!! It can be really hard to go with the "live and learn" attitude, but I think it's clear that you really took that loss, and made it something else. What you were taught from him about flaws being beautiful helped you with confidence, it seems, and that's something you should be so proud of!! Thanks for sharing this story with us :)
Thank you everyone, this is actually a poem I wrote two years ago, I was 14 and even though it may seem like a 14 can't be in love, I was. Very much so, but he died, and he was the only one to ever really notice my beautiful flaws. My parents are flaky, and I wasn't close to my family.. So it just seemed nothing would get better. But I know now, that I am the only one that can make it better. 鈽猴笍
Having a crown only makes you feel alone; the symbolism of breaking it, I think, is actually setting you on the same plane as everyone else so that you can be found!
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