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If you're bored of giving a single wooden photo frame or photo album as a gift, this is a creative way to give photo collection to someone special. You can purchase these materials at Michael's Arts & Crafts or find the online. Supplies: Wooden polaroid frames Tacky glue Photos (at 2 3/4×2 1/4 in.) Scissors Mini circle magnets (optional) Don't have a polaroid? You can print out photos at 2 3/4 x 2 1/4 inches on matte photo paper. Once you have them ready, spread tacky glue on one side of a wooden polaroid frame and position over the photo and press firmly on all corners. Then cut out excess paper around the outside of the frame. Repeat until you finish your set and put them in a gift box. Tip: If you want to turn them to magnets you can glue a magnet onto the back where the wooden edge is thickest. Photo Credit: Sugar and Cloth
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This is an adorable idea! I'm making this for my mom.
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I might just do this with regular Polaroids if I can't get the wooden frame by next week.
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This is really cute!
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So creative! I wonder how many wooden polaroids would fit in that box!
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