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See I've been skeeming on the low ever since I was a toddler the difference for me is I haven't gotten caught up I'm not talking about drugs, thugs, or stealing I'm talking about being an uncover kid villain I'm plotting on taking the whole scene down I'm just a girl but I'll make all the fools look like clowns stop trying to make me laugh boy quit playing with me and speak up I can't hear you whatchu saying to me people think that I should know how they're supposed to feel well I think people out here should just be real I'm not about to start playing these childish games I'm trying to make sure the whole world knows my name I don't want to hear about another basic chick, doing basic tricks, rolling basic splifs for these tasteless misfits I want to be on a word tour racing trip so hold your basic lips miss get with this bliss. ~I.J.
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Thank you! :) It's nice to get feedback on writing I enjoy it a lot!
I will definitely keep "hold your basic lips miss" in the back of my mind to use in an argument some day.
@caricakes I was thinking the same thing, but I also have a feeling I wouldn't have the guts to use that line!
Use it! absolutely! I love to hear that my lyrics can influence people and it's even cooler to hear people using the lines for fun and @timeturnerjones don't be afraid we only have so much time here it would be a shame not to relax, and to be afraid of it.
@sadieBierlein Haha, you're right!!! I have to be brave about it