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Australian photography Gemma-Rose Turnbull's project Paper Thin brings light to a subject that rarely gets attention in the world of photography. The project is collaborative, both documentary and participatory, and it gives us enough context and story to allow the viewer to fill in the blanks. I'll allow Gemma-Rose to set the stage with her writing about the work: "When I tell people what I am photographing they look at me askance. “Elder abuse? What’s that?” The very few who don’t question the term whisper their own tremulous tale. From this I glean that unless someone you know, be it through family or work, has had his or her vulnerability taken advantage of, then you have no idea what the hell I’m talking about. So I find a generic explanation, one I rattle off to everyone, quickly offloading it, without breath or pause: “Elder abuse is any act within a relationship of trust which results in harm to an older person. The most common forms of elder abuse include physical abuse, psychological abuse, financial abuse and neglect.” It does the job but it’s not the whole story. Almost more important than giving these people a voice to tell their stories, is the hope that their stories will make people remember that age and vulnerability does not diminish a person’s worth. "
Thank you for helping shed light on the issues of the aging population. I worked as a Sales/Marketing/Admissions Director for both Assisted Living and Nursing Home Communities. The general public has no idea of the lack of health care provided, sufficient staff to care for them, and some families sadly just drop off their elderly family members and rarely if ever visit them. It is a sad time when we as human beings can't love and take care of our most valued senior citizens of the world. Until someone has a family member in need rarely does anyone realize all that is involved or care much less realize the horrors that occur. I wish we could wave a wand and make the world one wonderful happy wonderful safe place for all. Thank you again for helping the elderly.
This photographer's work shed light on this issue for me, and before now I didn't think it was a problem. But like the photographer said, it's important to understand that age and vulnerability does not diminish a person's worth. Some people seem to not understand that. I'm glad you enjoyed the work @redridergirl
Terrible sad but beautifully photographed. I don't know whether to press the link button or not!
I had no idea this issue was so prevalent. Thank you both for showing me @redridergirl @dillonk