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Sometimes we can understand a villain's point of view. Ultimately it's what makes up a good dynamic character, someone you can relate to in some way. This type of character is often brought into the video game world. Someone you are fighting against for so long that you begin to understand their story, and once you do you may understand their stance. These are the types of characters that you don't want to defeat in video games. Unfortunately, the way most video games are made is that you cannot simply choose to not kill this character, unless you quit or you are playing Fallout 3 or something. There are some of the video game bosses that you probably didn't want to kill.
I hear you! Sometimes it's tough but it has to be done. How about the doctors at the end of the last of us? Necessary evil but you do have a little bit of a choice which is cool
@hunahuna Loved the end of that game. That game as a whole , so cool
I felt bad in both Portals. The machine didn't really deserve to die...even if it lied to you and tried to kill you