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(Love God.. Love yourself.. Live Happy) A book for Elif Shafak.. You can find what you have been searching for it your whole life in this book.. The answer for your questions.. The road for your life.. The friend for your loneliness.
@timeturnerjones @SudaneseWoman @rajunkhajun This sounds really fun; I'll have to reserve it!
@SudaneseWoman Thanks! I'll check it out.
this looks like a a very interesting read!
@timeturnerjones It is about a married woman called Ella she has her family that should make her happy and fulfilled, but she felt lonely and wanted badly to love again and to be loved, Ella read a book about the thirteenth-century Sufi poet Rumi and Shams of Tabriz, and his forty rules of Love, happiness,.. in life and have faith in and love God truly, so after she read the book her life turned upside down; she fell in love with the author.. So you guess what next :D You found yourself living the both life the struggle that facing Ella and the deep wise area of Shams' rules.
Have you read this? What's it like?