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At the edge of Love I still standing alone
She was standing next to him, listening to him carefully, how his foreign accent was difficult to catch but she kept listening to him with a smile on her face, she felt something different like his words kept melting a part of her heart, how he looked so sexy trying hardly to find the right words and the right accent so she can understand him, she kept listening and looking deeply to his sleepy eyes, she wanted to stay all the day long with him only him, she asked herself if there will be a next step between them what if he asked for a date and another, what if he took her to his hometown so she can meet his family, what if he told her then that he loves her, what if they got married, oh they will have a boy a little beautiful boy just look like him sleepy eyes and a golden brown hair.. Suddenly his voice brought her back.. "Waitress .. waitress .. my order please!".
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