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Here's one of my fresh, sweet meal alternatives that'll keep you full long enough to ignore those pesty cravings and keep you on track towards that summer body! ~ I like to use my single-serving Bullet blender, but any will do. (this judt makes it easier to grab and take on the go!) -Start with a half cup of frozen blueberries on the bottom -layer in a half cup of Strawberry yogurt -add 1 whole banana, sliced into discs -top it off with a cup of fat free milk ~blend for 30 seconds or until smooth, and.... ENJOY! :)
This is a wonderful recipe for my magic bullet. I hate blending ice because it's loud but I want that extra crunch. Frozen blueberries are perfect! Thanks for sharing!
Sounds yummy :)
I love the protein kick you're getting with the yogurt :)
I might try this with almond milk to see if it still keeps me full. I love that you used yogurt!
just made it! i love it!♡