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Is happiness in a shopping bag? In our materialistic consumer society, there always seems to be an endless desire of wants. There is a repetitive cycle of the have-nots aspire to catch up with the haves and the haves look up to the have-yachts. This is due to the mentality of having stuff signifies success and not having stuff says failure. However, the truth is the more you have the more you'll want. There's always a long list of things you wish you to have, but the truth is, do you need them? It might momentarily satisfy you. Then the next time you see a designer bag on your successful friend you'll want to catch up. The verdict is whether you're sipping a glass of wine at the skyscraper restaurant or glass of beer in a sushi bar enjoy your time and embrace what you have. Don't bother with trying to fulfill all your material desires. They will only leave you wanting. Instead, shift what you desire from things to experiences.
I try to buy things only when it is necessary or something that has been on my mind for a long time. I never make a quick purchase (and it drives my friends crazy!)
I find that material things make me happy for a day or two, but happiness from anything else lasts much longer!