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One of my friends has a skateboad. The one in the picture. I brought him my original wheels that came with my board because I will never use them and he put them on his skateboard and he loves it. We are just cruising around tonight and he is so happy and now he wants to get a real longboard and he plans on buying the wolfshark.
You can also get the bustin yo face 41 inch
@RichardSchafer get the loco, it's as close to a street deck as you can get with landy.
He wants to keep his skateboard the way it is but he really wants to get a landyachtz wolfshark. I may end up getting a loco eventually.
Since he's used to skateboards he'd probably like the Landyatchz loco or something else from their progressive series. Or does he want a complete change of riding style?
@RichardSchafer Ah yeah my favorite deck is a drop.
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