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One of my friends has a skateboad. The one in the picture. I brought him my original wheels that came with my board because I will never use them and he put them on his skateboard and he loves it. We are just cruising around tonight and he is so happy and now he wants to get a real longboard and he plans on buying the wolfshark.
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@RichardSchafer Firstly theres no reason to get both of them decks bro. They're super similar, youre just wasting money. Ive had two switchbaldes and a 9 two 5 Id know xD Second I dont believes either is offered in HC but their site or catalog are both really easy to navigate so just go inform yourself.
@SteveLee772 which one do you think is better for cruising, downhill, and sliding?
@RichardSchafer I loved my 2012 Switchbalde it was great all round. My 2012 9 two 5 was wonderful at slides but couldn't DH as hard still fine cruising. 2013 Switchblade was meh at all three. If you're into them two decks Id also recommend the Switch. Ive rode a 2012 Switch a lot and its wonderful for all three. If you're trying to go faster dh Id say the switch. Trying to cruise more but still be able to hill n slide the Switchblade. Trying to slide more the 9 two 5.
@SteveLee772 I don't like top mounts so I would rather stick to the switchblade or 9two5.
@RichardSchafer Ah yeah my favorite deck is a drop.