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i have been getting into the k-r&b and k-rap scene recently and g.soul's debut a few days ago just did it for me! i finally got a chance to listen to his whole album a while ago and i must say this is my favorite song on the album! G.Soul has just made a very dedicated fan outta me! can't wait until later this week when i get paid so i can buy his album! its signed and comes with an exclusive photo also ^^
my favorite songs in order Once More You First Love Coming Home Excuses Superstar @PassTheSuga @Ambie
Right!!! Omg....I'm still so irked about that >_<.....but 15 years of hard work and dedication tho hasn't gone unnoticed. Mad respect to G. Soul (U・× ・´)ゞ
K-R&B and K-Hiphop are my faaaaavorite! If you need any more good recs, let me know! (Also @callmekaren has some really good Korean R&B recommendations in her collections too!)
@KpopJunkiesTV oops that was supposed to be a smiley face XD :)
@KpopJunkiesTV yes I agree :(
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