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In the age of internet the ways in which we meet and connect with people have changed drastically. Social media existed before the internet, but the ways in which we can interact and reach we can have in connecting are vastly expanded. Of course, one way to use the internet is to meet new people. Although gaining and sharing information on the internet is a normal activity, but the taboo of creating friends or relationships over the internet is just beginning to be accepted. Here are some awesome stories from people met on the internet, I will copy and paste their stories into here as to preserve how the artist presented them: 1. Bryn and Mike, Myspace "Bryn and Mike are both rapidly approaching 40. The two met on Myspace in January of 2006. “I found an image of [Mike] that he had posted that was utterly hilarious. So I friended him without sending him a [message] and he sent me a [message] back. We hit it off.” They would write each other 3 or 4 emails a day for a month or so. Then they decided to make their friendship a reality by meeting in person in February. They met at a venue in Minneapolis. Mike told Bryn to bring some of her friends. “When he walked in and sat down next to me,” Bryn confessed, “it was like that cheesy saying: ‘You’ll know it when you meet him.’ It was for sure the situation. When they began dating, Mike gave Bryan a guitar pick and told her that it would come in handy someday. In March, he sent her an invitation to “a guitar pick summit” at his apartment for which the guitar pick was the entry fee. “I went to his apartment and he just expressed his feelings for me and hoped that I felt the same. April he met my parents. May we got engaged.” They married the following July in Bryn’s parents’ Wisconsin backyard. “We had record albums as our centerpieces with flowers coming out of them. [Mike’s] band played during our ceremony, “I was made for loving you.” They now live together in Park Slope with their 2 cats. Bryn has just started an event production company and Mike is a musician." 2. Mariela and Tiago, Tattoodatingsite.com Mariela is a 21-year-old self-taught photographer who moved to New York in December of 2011 from the Dominican Republic. Tiago is a 30-year-old who has worked as a finishing carpenter since he was a kid. They found one another in cyberspace thanks to their shared love of tattoos. Their initial contact began on tattoodatingsite.com. “[The name] is that blunt,” stated Mariela. “When you go there, you think it’s a spam website.” The site was appealing to Tiago because he was frustrated with the lack of tattoo-clad folk in his neighborhood of Queens. “I wanted to meet people and where I live there aren’t many people with tattoos.” Mariela thought that Tiago was cute. They began talking on Skype and then met in person. On their second date they shared some ink time together. Tiago got a previous piece polished off, while Mariela received a eye onto her forearm. After just two weeks of dating, they moved in together. After four months, they got engaged. Now the two share matching tattoos. “We both have [the word] ‘love’ tattooed in our hands.” 3. Giavanna and David, Write a Prisoner.com "Back in 2011, twenty-five year old Giovanni started writing to thirty-seven year old David, who was incarcerated at the time. She was living 45 minutes from San Francisco and he was in a California prison. She wasn’t on the site looking for romance, more for a pen-palrelationship. “I thought it be cool to do it from an objective view.” She said that David’s profile stood out among the “scary” and often deceptive inmate profiles. She told me that it didn’t surprise any of her family and friends that she joined the site, because it was “something she would do.” David was sentenced to ten years in prison for a white-collar crime. “I used to work as a computer programmer. It was one of the fraud cases that was really, really prominent in the early 2,000′s.” He served nine of these years. “It started it getting easier and easier to justify taking it out on the system” In the beginning of their writing, they would talk about garage rock and art. About a year into their pen pal relationship, their letters got more flirtatious and they began making plans for Giovanni to move to New York once he got out. They love photography and going to museums. “What attracted me to Giovanna,” confessed David, “Was that she was able to see the world in different ways and she didn’t want to settle for the life that people say you are supposed to have.” Giovanni claims that when she explains to people how they met, some assume she “lives in a trailer and watches daytime TV all day.” David says he notices that a lot of people “have bigotry towards others based on their history or where they’ve been rather than judging them on where they are now or where they want to go.” 4. Linny and Pat, Craigslist Missed Connections "In 2006, Antonio came to visit Rita in New York. She picked him up at JFK airport and they hung out for a few days. A few months later, Antonio brought Rita down to St. Thomas. They soon moved there together for 2 years. They have now been living in Queens for 2 years, where they take care of Antonio’s daughter. 31-year-old Linny and 29-year-old Pat have been a couple since 2008 and a married couple since 2012. This almost didn’t happen. One day, Linny was sitting at a bar alone while her friend paid the bill. “[Pat] looked over at me and came and sat down. Usually I was not very receptive to that sort of thing. We had a conversation and when my friend came back I got up, touched his arm, and told him it was good to talk to him.” As soon as Linny left the establishment, she was kicking herself for not getting Pat’s number. The next day she created a post on Missed Connections. When she got home that evening, she had two responses to the ad. “One said, ‘Whatchu into?” and the other was from Pat.” Pat didn’t even know the site existed, but his friend who was “popular with the ladies of Missed Connections” saw the post and let him know it was about him. Pat and Linny connected on email and went out 4 days later. The two never tried to hide how they met. “It was just such a crazy story that I was just delighted that Missed Connections actually worked. I had been so flabbergasted that it all came together that I was not shy about sharing it,” said Linny. Romantic love is not the only love the two found online. They also found their dog Freddie through Petfinder." 5. Taylor and Jonathan, Grindr "Love sprouts from the darkest of places sometimes. 22-year-old model and photographer Taylor and 21-year-old Bumble and Bumble hair stylist Jonathan met on Grindr, a site known for gay hookups. “It’s so bad. I know,” admits Taylor. “I had actually never used [the site] before. I had literally got it for the sole purpose of showing my hetero friends how disgusting the gay world can be. So I guess I kind of proved myself wrong.” Taylor’s profile caught Jonathan’s eye. “He stood out because he wasn’t some chunky looking Chelsea guy. I just kind of knew that we would hit it off, whether it be [as] friends or if we were to date,” said Jonathan. It took Taylor a while to warm up to the idea. “I didn’t really trust anyone on that site because of its reputation.” They have now been dating for 2 months and live together in Bushwick. They are both into cult classic films and vintage shopping. “I feel like we both have a thing for things with a darker feel. We are super into Tim Burton,” explained Jonathan, “But at the same time we like romantic comedies. We might both possibly cry during it. “Don’t tell her that!” Taylor exclaimed. “It’s embarrassing!” For the rest of the stories check out the article that is linked! I didn't want to copy everything from their page :D
People actually meet in Missed Connections? That's so crazy... Also, I like how one of the guys in the Grindr couple was like "It was my first time using it!" That's what they all say, bro . Uh huh.
@danidee But really though, the biggest lie told here is that he said it was his first time using grindr. You're totally right on point with that one, hahaha
@fallingwater When I was working at Starbucks, my friends would get mentioned on Missed Connections ALL OF THE TIME! It was crazy. I guess people just really want to ask cute baristas out on dates.
@danidee I didnt think anyone actually met there either. Guess its time I start checking lol
Wow these stories are great and the pics shot just how well they click!!! I'm always skeptical of online meeting but its so true that it can and is working for people!!!