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Please leave your vote in the comments section below, please do not vote for more than one person in your comment as it means that your vote will have to be discounted. Voting will end on January 29th and the winners will be announced on February 1st. ^^ Here are the nominees :) BTS - Danger HyunA - Red VIXX - Error Ailee - Don't Touch Me Daehyun (B.A.P) - 1004 (Angel) Clara - Fear Mino - I'm Him T-ara - Sugar Free Zhoumi - Rewind Credit to the owners of these videos :) Happy Voting ^^ Don't forget to vote in all the other categories as well :)
BTS__Danger Although after watching all the MVs nominated I feel more than a little exposed. Like they've looked into my soul and they know what I did last summer (⊙Д⊙`)
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vixx error
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BTS - Danger
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lol number 1 he looks like he just miss the closing of his fav fast food place and is mad
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