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A video game can look drastically different if your TV does not have the proper set up. Blacks and be too black to the point where you cannot see at all and whites can be too white where you loose detail. Conversely every color could look grey and dull. Too much sharpness could actually cause distortion and other issues. There are a myriad of problems that can stem from not having your tv and console calibrated correctly. Here are the steps on how to perfectly calibrate your TV. (note: do this on your TV's 'Custom' setting) 1. Turn off any and all post-processing in your TV settings, if your TV has a Game Mode, use this, if not then turn everything off that lets you. (More detail is in the picture in part 6) 2. Open up the picture of 28 squares in a grid HERE [] , if you can see the top row after upping the brightness then you can use the Full (on PS4) or PC (on XBO) for the RGB range, otherwise use Limited. I'm not sure where this option is on XBO but on PS4 it's in Settings -> Sound and Screen -> Video Output -> RGB Range 3. Open up the second link HERE [], adjust the Brightness setting until you can just see the closed eyes, or until the two darkest bars on the sides look the same 4. Open up THIS [] image. Throw the Sharpness way way down until the text is blurry, then up it until the text is JUST sharp. 5. You should see the green outline, but if not then it's not a huge issue so long as the square and circle aren't distorted or stretched. If they are then the Aspect Ratio on your TV needs altering. 6. Open up THIS [] image. Adjust the settings your TV has as instructed, then alter the Colour of your TV until there is little blur, but the colours still appear bright. If one colour is much less crisp than the others then your TV may have an option to change individual RGB values accordingly. 7. Open THIS [] image. Put the Contrast up until the suns are just barely visible, or the lightest two bars on the side images look the same. A lot of people have their contrast very high here, so don't worry if you're near the top of the range. 8. Finally you can readjust the Brightness using THIS [] image. Let the closed eye only just appear visible, or the two darkest bars on the upper bar are the same.
Great info, I used this and my tv looks SO much better now. It looks like crap for movies though so make sure you take the advice that @hunahuna gave and put it on your custom settings
@RobynSecor It will make a world of a difference, I promise!
I had no idea. Doing this as soon as I play games next
@TeamWaffles Glad you found it helpful.