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After he threw Tom Brady under a bus, Bill Belichick has come out and squashed allegations that the New England Patriots cheated during the AFC championship match against the Colts. Since the convicted cheater has said that this time his team did nothing wrong, we should believe him right? There is a lot of debate now among "commentators" (ie retired players who needed a job) that Belichick clearly is doing this to protect his team, etc, etc. If they truly believe that, then there is seriously something wrong with their perception of things. There is no way that they really believe that! It was fairly obvious that Belichick threw Brady under the bus. It was fairly obvious that Brady (America's QB sweetheart) got caught (and called out by ex Quarterbacks), and did not know what to do. He got grilled, choked, and did what any player would (and should) do: he ran to the NFLPA and complained. The NFLPA then issued a statement telling its players to not comment on the case, because they knew that one of their top stars was in big trouble. The players were muzzled, in other words. It is also very probably that Brady ran to Kraft and complained about Belichick. Kraft then probably told Belichick to protect his star quarterback. And here were are. Here we are ready to believe another bold face lie. Here we are ready to believe that the NFL's players (who have over the past 2 years acted as the worst representatives of professional athletes) are the victims in this. Really? This is just another incident that makes the rules of the NFL look laughable.
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I really know nothing about the whole deflategate or whatever it's called. What exactly were they trying to do and how could it have helped?