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Avril's Ex Costumes as Her!

Over the weekend, Avril LAvigne's ex-husband, deryckWhibley, 32, and his girlfriend Ari Cooper spoofed Lavigne and her fiancé by dressing up as them for Halloween! The worst part is that Whibley went as his ex-wife, donning a white hoodie and a blond wig with — of course — hot pink and neon green streaks. Meanwhile, Whibley's new lady love sported a wavy shoulder-length wig, a stache and beard, and a Jack Daniels T-shirt to play the part of Kroeger. When a pic of the pair somehow ended up on Twitter, let's just say it didn't go over so well with Kroeger, 37, who responded via Nickelback's official Twitter account. "Hey Deryck loved the costumes! we were going to dress up as you guys this year but all the parties had celebrity themes haha! -CK" Ouch. Kroeger then attempted to soften his harsh words with a somewhat friendlier message that referenced his current world tour with Nickelback. "You owe us a couples bowling grudge match see you when I get back from Russia! -CK." For now, Lavigne, who's Canadian just like Whibley and Kroeger, is staying out of it and hasn't tweeted a response or released a statement regarding her ex's Halloween getup. I have to say this is pretty funny! hahaha
that was funny..........
he's genius! haha.. although Im not sure what i'd feel if my ex dresses as me for Halloween.. >.<
that's hilarious!
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It's Complicated: TSwift & Avril Rock It Out!
Okay this has just been a weird week?! I know Taylor Swift is connected to pretty much everybody in the music industry somehow, but I was really, really not expecting news of her and Avril Lavigne performing together to come so quickly after her unexpected 'Smelly Cat' duet with Lisa/Phoebe. (seriously, just check it out And yet, here we are. TSwift and Avril Singing Complicated Together Yep. This happened. Both incredible musicians and songwriters. Two women who have impacted my life in such a positive way!! I'm glad to see that Avril is up and seems to be feeling better after her big problem with Lyme disease in the past year or two :( Anyways, I guess this came about... because there was some unintentional tiff between the two of them? Long story short, Taylor favorited a tweet that was comparing her meet n greet style (super close and personal!) with other artists, and saying that she cares about her fans more. The image on the left above was what Tay favorited. Avril responded saying: "Comparison is judging and judging a person does not define who they are it defines who you are, We all Love our fans.” Then she tweeted the pic on the right, saying "let's keep it all about the love and stay positive!" OBVIOUSLY everyone tried to make it into a war and like they had each other, but it seems they got in touch and got along. Taylor's intro to their performance was really sweet, too, and you can tell that the whole "fight" between them was totally ridiculous and didn't even happen. Glad to see these two having a blast together!!! Who will Tay pull up on stage next?!
The Disease That Kept Avril Lavigne in Bed For 5 Months
Four months after Avril Lavigne hinted at health issues in a series of tweets, the singer revealed that she is suffering from a severe case of Lyme disease. In an interview with People, Lavigne explained that she had been feeling exhausted and lightheaded for months, and up until October, doctors were unable to figure out what was going on. “I could barely eat, and when we went to the pool [at my 30th birthday party], I had to leave and go lie in bed,” she told People. “My friends asked, ‘What’s wrong?’ I didn’t know.”Soon after, the doctors diagnosed her with a severe case of Lyme disease, a bacterial infection transmitted by ticks. Lavigne surmises that she was bit by a tick last spring. “I had no idea a bug bite could do this,” she said. “I was bedridden for five months.”“I felt like I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t talk and I couldn’t move. I thought I was dying.” Now Lavigne is recovering at home in Ontario, and she’s “80 percent better,” she said, thanking her fans for all their support while she was MIA. “The get-well messages and videos they sent touched me so deeply.” How to protect yourself from ticks: Avoid Direct Contact with Ticks - Avoid wooded and bushy areas with high grass and leaf litter. - Walk in the center of trails. Repel Ticks - Treat clothing and gear, such as boots, pants, socks and tents as well as exposed skin with approved insect repellants. Find and Remove Ticks from Your Body - Bathe or shower as soon as possible after coming indoors (preferably within 2 hours) to wash off and more easily find ticks that are crawling on you. - Conduct a full-body tick check using a hand-held or full-length mirror to view all parts of your body upon return from tick-infested areas. - Examine gear and pets. - Tumble clothes in a dryer on high heat for an hour to kill remaining ticks.
How Can You Tell The Difference Between a Synthetic And Human Hair Wig?
The difference between synthetic and human hair HD lace wigs is the fibers. The materials between them are different, and the wearing effect is also different. Please read the full text for specific details. What is a human hair wig? Human Brazilian hair wigs come in two categories: processed hair and raw hair. The hairs are kept together to ensure that the cuticle is facing in the same direction as when growing from the head. It ensures the most natural appearance as well as easier brushing. When hair cuticle reverses, they are more likely to break. Advantages: 1. Modeling versatility. It can be curled, permed, straightened, or colored at any time, just like natural hair. However, before replacing a human hair melt lace wig, you should consult a stylist first. They will be able to teach you the best techniques for styling and maintaining your wig. 2. The texture. Human hair wigs are the same as the real hair and come in a variety of textures so you can always find your natural hair to match. 3. A long life. If properly cared for, a human hair wig worn daily can last two to three times longer than a synthetic wig for a year or more. 4. Natural look. The human hair wig feels great and looks very natural. Disadvantages: 1. Maintenance: regular cleaning, deep conditioning, and re-modeling are required to maintain its natural luster. 2. Cost: Because they're harvested from human hair, they're usually more expensive. 3. Weight: Human hair wigs feel heavier than synthetic wigs of similar length and style. 4. Weather: Just like your natural hair, human hair wigs can become frizzy, soft, or dry depending on the weather. 5. Fading: The color of a wig can oxidize or fade when exposed to light. What is a synthetic wig? Synthetic hair wigs are made of plastic fibers, usually a type of nylon. The quality and properties of these fibers vary by manufacturer and wig style. High-quality synthetic fibers will retain their luster, color, and shape, not low-quality fibers. Advantages: 1. Easy to care for: Synthetic wigs require almost no maintenance. Simply wash, dry, and shake them, and the wig will return to its original shape. 2. Weather resistance: Synthetic wigs retain their style regardless of the weather. 3. Versatility: Because of the low cost, you can buy multiple synthetic wigs to experiment with different styles, cuts, and colors. Cost: Synthetic wigs are relatively cheap. Disadvantages: 1. Unnatural: Some economical or inexpensive synthetic wigs may have an unnatural sheen. 2. Longevity: Synthetic wigs and headwear don't last as long as human hair wigs, usually lasting 4-6 months. 3. Low versatility: Synthetic wigs cannot be straightened or crimped with heated styling tools unless they are specially designed as "heat-friendly" synthetic wigs. 4. Do not change color: Recoloring is not recommended for synthetic wigs, and traditional hair colors do not adhere to the fibers. 5. Air permeability: The air permeability of synthetic wigs is less than that of human hair lace wigs. They are hot and can cause irritation and discomfort in warm weather. West Kiss Hair's wigs are made of 100% human hair, which fits your skin very naturally, so you don't have to worry about the risk of being discovered.
Back to school playlist challenge
I know for some the thought of school is just like why does the world hate me, but I feel like these songs can get you through the endless hours of boredom that they say is education Lol, Thnx for the tag @MattK95, also the idea @poojas is very interesting, I'll try my best Just Right- Got7 So back to school, the endless circle of what should I wear? does my hair look alright? should I get a new book bag? should I start wearing makeup? etc. etc. , but I like this song because it tells us to be who we are and those who really care will love us that way, school is stressful enough without letting peer pressure get to you, so this school semester, just do you and don't let in the negativity Hello Kitty- Avril Lavigne I think sometimes the stress eats at you and you just need something to loosen up, I believe this song is cute and fun and could help you get rid of some of that pent up angst Never growing up- Avril Lavigne Pretty much for my seniors and older college age students, we can age, study and still rock out War of Hormones- BTS Back to school and back to crushing on that guy/girl that you didn't get to see all summer, when did they get so cute? Lol G.R.8.U- VIXX Some upbeat music to get you through that depression from hw Lol Playground- Ukiss I just really love this song ≧﹏≦ Unstoppable Life- Bii A testament to getting through hard times to do what you love Evolution- Jay Park (feat.gray) I think that everything we truly want will come with work and that is pretty much what this songs about, putting in effort and finally seeing the results Hope is a dream that doesn't sleep- Cho Kyuhyun I'm aware that this is a love song but at the same time the lyrics don't have to just apply to loving another person, I feel like if you love something and are passionate about it, then it can help you make hard times feel as though they are worth it, so school is just a stepping stone and isn't all there is to life, so keep hope alive LADYBABY [Nippon Manju] Music Clip *Bonus* Here is to getting through the playlist, My gift to you, I both laugh at and adore this video so, hope it brings a smile to your faces too So there is my playlist hope you enjoy it, thanks for taking the time to give it a try, hopefully I will be doing more playlists in the future, everytime I get a playlist challenge I'm excited, I love music and I want to share so Thnx for listening 。^‿^。
What's The Point Of Wearing a Wig Cap And Not Wearing a Wig Cap?
It all depends on your choice. If you feel confident and safe enough, you can always wear a wig without a cap. If you have lost all or only a few hairs, you should wear a wig cap. The wig cap provides extra comfort between the 5x5 closure wig and the head for women with sensitive skin and scalp. Wigs can irritate delicate skin because they are rough. Wig caps can make long curly wigs more comfortable for those who have lost all their hair. benefit: Even if you have a lot of natural hair, wigs can make your scalp feel itchy and embarrassing. The ombre blonde lace front wig cap provides a layer of protection between the wig and the skin. If you have stray hairs under your wig, a wig cap may help. They securely lock all the hair under the wig and prevent any stray hair from escaping. Shortcoming: If you live in a hot climate and can't stand the heat, you should avoid wearing wig caps. When sweat and oil build up on your head, it can lead to a rash and possibly hair loss in the future. Consider the following tips when making a decision: 1. The head area. This varies from person to person, and if you have a bigger head, you may find wig caps rather unpleasant. If you wear a wig cap for a long time, you may get a headache. If you have a smaller head, the wig cap may slip under the wig and cause the wig to fall out. 2. Cotton and nylon wig caps are the most common, although they are not suitable for people with sensitive scalps. And nylon hats can be itchy and uncomfortable. 3. If you live in a hot climate, you may want to avoid wig caps. Adding another layer of cloth makes the heat intolerable. 4. If you must wear a wig cap, make sure it is clean and fit. Tips for Wearing a Wig Without a Hat If you don't want to wear a wig with a wig cap, you should keep the following tips in mind. 1. Choose the right size, wigs that are too tight around the head may cause hair loss and breakage. 2. Don't forget to wash the wig cap to remove debris and bacteria from the hair and scalp. 3. Be sure to wear a wig that allows the scalp to breathe. Wigs without caps are lighter and allow more airflow to the scalp, so capless wigs won't make you feel as hot as standard wig caps. 4. Don't ignore your hairline. To avoid damaging the edges, place the wig cap behind the ear, not forgetting the hairline. 5. If possible, avoid using adhesives to avoid hair loss or breakage near the hairline. 6. If you have a sensitive scalp, you should avoid wearing wigs made from synthetic hair. Excessive itching, burning, and scalp discomfort may be due to the sensitivity of the wig material. 7. Take time for regular haircuts and deep conditioning treatments between wigs.
List Motor yang Layak Untuk Touring
Touring jadi satu hobi yang sedang trend dikala ini. Kesibukan mengunjungi suatu tempat bersama dengan teman-sahabat ini paling asyik dilaksanakan dengan mengendarai motor. Ada banyak motor yang cocok untuk touring dengan kisaran harga yang bervariasi. Touring menerapkan motor haruslah mengutamakan keselamatan pengendara. Karena itulah pemilihan kendaraan tak boleh sembarangan. Spesifikasinya harus mumpuni agar membuat Anda nyaman berkendara serta tak gampang mengalami kerusakan bila menerjang medan yang susah. Saran 6 Motor Touring Terbaik Saat ini benar-benar gampang menemukan motor yang dipergunakan khusus touring. Spesifikasi yang dimiliki tentu berbeda dengan motor lazim pada biasanya. Berikut merupakan daftar motor untuk touring yang sungguh-sungguh dianjurkan, antara lain: Suzuki GSX-S150 Touring Edition Motor yang didesain khusus untuk touring ini dilengkapi dengan fitur terbaik bagus dari segi keamanan maupun kenyamanan. Kendaraan ini diproduksi dalam jumlah yang betul-betul terbatas. Basis pembuatan motor ini berasal dari GSX-S150 versi biasa. Padahal termasuk dalam produk yang limited serta memiliki fitur komplit, harga jual motor ini cukup terjangkau. Dengan budget Rp25 juta, Anda telah bisa mendapatkan motor touring dengan kualitas yang prima. Jenis mesin yang digunakan memiliki kapasitas 150 cc sehingga bisa menjadikan power yang maksimal. Bodinya sangat ringan dan lincah di trek. Kelebihan kendaraan keluaran Suzuki ini ada pada aksesoris tambahan yang banyak jumlahnya. Misalnya seperti windshield yang tinggi sehingga membuat nyaman saat dikendarai walau dalam cuaca buruk sekalipun. Kecuali itu, motor ini juga dilengkapi dengan handguard, engine guard, serta side panniers. VIAR Vortex 250 Sedangkan adalah motor buatan dalam negeri, tapi mutu VIAR Vortex sebagai kendaraan khusus touring tak keok bersaing. Dengan tampilan muka yang sangat gahar serta windshield yang sangat tinggi, menjadikan motor ini benar-benar nyaman dikendarai untuk menjelajah berjenis-jenis medan. Pesona VIAR sempat mencuri banyak perhatian pecinta otomotif ketika dipakai untuk menjelajahi lintasan yang betul-betul panjang dan menantang, mulai dari trek di Jakarta hingga Himalaya. Sedangkan sudah mencapai jarak sepanjang 15.000 km, energi tahan mesin masih prima dan tak terkendala. VIAR seri touring ini memiliki tampilan yang khas dengan tambahan box panniers pada bagian belakang. Kecuali itu, terdapat juga beberapa aksesoris tambahan lainnya seperti engine guard dan hand guard. Kapasitas mesin yang digunakan pun sungguh-sungguh mumpuni, sebesar 250 cc. Untuk mendapatkan kendaraan beroda empat dengan desain maskulin berkekuatan besar ini Anda cuma perlu merogoh kocek kurang lebih Rp50 juta saja. Kawasaki Versys-X 250 Tourer Kawasaki juga mengeluarkan produk motor terbaiknya yang memang sengaja diciptakan untuk kebutuhan touring ialah Versys seri X250. Desain jok diwujudkan lebih tinggi agar posisi pengendara bisa lebih tegak dan tak gampang lelah ketika menjalankan touring jarak jauh. Dibekali mesin 250 cc dengan tambahan 2 silinder membikin daya yang dihasilkan lebih maksimal. Motor ini betul-betul layak diterapkan untuk menjelajahi tipe medan dengan jarak tempuh yang cukup panjang. Kelebihan yang tampak pada kendaraan ini ada pada tambahan aksesorisnya yang amat fungsional. Misalnya saja seperti side panniers yang berlokasi pada komponen belakang motor. Penerangan telah menerapkan lampu fog. Kecuali itu, terdapat juga handguard dan engine guard untuk memaksimalkan kinerja motor. Seandainya Anda kehabisan baterai gadget saat berkendara, tidak perlu risau sebab motor Kawasaki ini telah dibekali dengan fitur pengisian kekuatan berupa DC Outlet. Berapa budget yang perlu Anda keluarkan untuk mendapat motor touring terbaik ini? Seandainya dibandingi dengan merk lainnya, harganya memang lebih mahal merupakan berkisar Rp70 jutaan. Yamaha XMAX Jikalau Anda mencari skuter matic yang nyaman diajak touring kemana-mana, karenanya motor keluaran Yamaha ini menjadi opsi yang tepat. Dari tampilan luarnya saja tampak bila motor ini betul-betul nyaman dikendarai jarak jauh sebab memiliki bodi yang besar. Desain eksteriornya benar-benar elegan dan modern. Motor yang dijuluki skutic terbaik ini dibekali dengan mesin 250 cc. Selain itu, kendaraan ini juga sudah memakai teknologi Blue Core sehingga penerapan bahan bakar dapat lebih hemat. Jangan kuatir untuk Anda yang memiliki tubuh mungil sebab motor ini cukup ringan. Bodinya yang cukup bongsor justru membikin keseimbangannya lebih maksimal dan tak gampang goyang dikala ditunggangi dengan kecepatan tinggi. Dari banyaknya daftar motor yang layak untuk touring yang ada ketika ini, XMAX memiliki fungsi yang lengkap. Tidak cuma layak untuk touring, tetapi juga nyaman diaplikasikan untuk kendaraan sehari-hari. Dengan banyaknya kelebihan yang dimiliki mulai desain futuristik sampai fitur tambahan yang komplit, Anda tak akan rugi mengeluarkan budget Rp60 jutaan untuk mendapatkan motor matic modern ini. Yamaha Byson Keluhan yang dirasakan saat melakukan touring jarak jauh yaitu tubuh menjadi mudah lelah. Ini karena posisi pengendara yang tak nyaman. Karena itulah Yamaha mengeluarkan motor khusus touring dengan desain yang diciptakan senyaman mungkin untuk berkendara. Posisi dudukan lebih tegap dengan stang kemudi yang didesain cukup tinggi. Jadi Anda tak perlu membungkuk ketika mengaplikasikan kendaraan ini sehingga keadaan punggung tidak terasa capek. Ada banyak kelebihan yang ditawarkan oleh kendaraan touring ini. Salah satunya yakni mesin 150 cc yang sudah menggunakan teknologi fuel injection. Dengan begitu, bahan bakar dapat lebih irit dan Anda tidak perlu tak jarang melakukan pengisian. Motor ini juga benar-benar ramah lingkungan sebab gas buangnya telah lolos uji euro sampai tahap 3. Untuk bodinya juga sungguh-sungguh gagah dengan pemilihan warna yang cukup simple. Harga jual motor ini memang lebih murah diperbandingkan dengan merk motor touring lainnya, cuma Rp22 jutaan saja. Tetapi bila Anda ingin menerima kenyamanan yang lebih, amat disarankan untuk melakukan modifikasi di sebagian komponen supaya daya kerja yang dijadikan lebih prima. Honda PCX Honda sebagai salah satu produsen kendaraan bermotor terbaik dikala ini, tak ingin kalah mengeluarkan produk yang dikhususkan untuk pecinta touring. PCX hadir dengan desain yang gagah serta tambahan fitur modern yang komplit. Sekilas motor skuter matic ini mempunyai tampilan yang hampir serupa dengan Nmax keluaran Yamaha. Tetapi dari segi kenyamanan, Honda memang lebih dipercaya. PCX memiliki posisi pijakan kaki yang lebih lebar sehingga Anda bisa mengendarainya dengan lebih nyaman. Selain itu, mesin 150 cc yang terdapat pada kendaraan roda dua ini juga digadang lebih irit konsumsi bahan bakar. Posisi jok diciptakan tidak terlalu tinggi. Karena itulah skutic ini juga cocok diciptakan kendaraan sehari-hari. Walaupun kelihatan besar dan kokoh, bodi PCX cukup ringan dan cukup lincah di trek. Bagi Anda yang berkeinginan menerima motor touring yang multifungsi, PCX sungguh-sungguh diandalkan. Harganya bahkan cukup relatif murah, cuma Rp30 jutaan saja. Motor touring telah populer di kalangan masyarakat Indonesia. Beberapa malahan telah sering wara-wiri di jalanan, seperti Yamaha Nmax dan Honda PCX. Memilih kendaraan touring sebaiknya memastikan budget dan fungsi supaya motor yang dipilih tak cuma nganggur di garasi saja. https://ommercesaddas.blogspot.com