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Avril's Ex Costumes as Her!

Over the weekend, Avril LAvigne's ex-husband, deryckWhibley, 32, and his girlfriend Ari Cooper spoofed Lavigne and her fiancé by dressing up as them for Halloween! The worst part is that Whibley went as his ex-wife, donning a white hoodie and a blond wig with — of course — hot pink and neon green streaks. Meanwhile, Whibley's new lady love sported a wavy shoulder-length wig, a stache and beard, and a Jack Daniels T-shirt to play the part of Kroeger. When a pic of the pair somehow ended up on Twitter, let's just say it didn't go over so well with Kroeger, 37, who responded via Nickelback's official Twitter account. "Hey Deryck loved the costumes! we were going to dress up as you guys this year but all the parties had celebrity themes haha! -CK" Ouch. Kroeger then attempted to soften his harsh words with a somewhat friendlier message that referenced his current world tour with Nickelback. "You owe us a couples bowling grudge match see you when I get back from Russia! -CK." For now, Lavigne, who's Canadian just like Whibley and Kroeger, is staying out of it and hasn't tweeted a response or released a statement regarding her ex's Halloween getup. I have to say this is pretty funny! hahaha
that was funny..........
he's genius! haha.. although Im not sure what i'd feel if my ex dresses as me for Halloween.. >.<
that's hilarious!
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It's Complicated: TSwift & Avril Rock It Out!
Okay this has just been a weird week?! I know Taylor Swift is connected to pretty much everybody in the music industry somehow, but I was really, really not expecting news of her and Avril Lavigne performing together to come so quickly after her unexpected 'Smelly Cat' duet with Lisa/Phoebe. (seriously, just check it out And yet, here we are. TSwift and Avril Singing Complicated Together Yep. This happened. Both incredible musicians and songwriters. Two women who have impacted my life in such a positive way!! I'm glad to see that Avril is up and seems to be feeling better after her big problem with Lyme disease in the past year or two :( Anyways, I guess this came about... because there was some unintentional tiff between the two of them? Long story short, Taylor favorited a tweet that was comparing her meet n greet style (super close and personal!) with other artists, and saying that she cares about her fans more. The image on the left above was what Tay favorited. Avril responded saying: "Comparison is judging and judging a person does not define who they are it defines who you are, We all Love our fans.” Then she tweeted the pic on the right, saying "let's keep it all about the love and stay positive!" OBVIOUSLY everyone tried to make it into a war and like they had each other, but it seems they got in touch and got along. Taylor's intro to their performance was really sweet, too, and you can tell that the whole "fight" between them was totally ridiculous and didn't even happen. Glad to see these two having a blast together!!! Who will Tay pull up on stage next?!