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Bows make a great decoration piece for bags, clothes and hair accessories. I also love using it for gift box wrapping. Here's a tutorial on how to make these simple bows. You'll need fabric (of your choice), a strip of pleather or ribbon for the center, hair clips, hot glue gun and glue sticks. 1. Add a strip of hot glue along the long side of your fabric that you don't want to show. Then press the ends together. 2.Turn the fabric inside out, so the seam is on the inside 3. Place your fabric with the seam up, and flatten it out a bit. 4. Put some hot glue on one end, and fold it in towards the center. 5. Put some hot glue down the center of the bow and fold the other side in, add some hot glue here and there to keep things in place. 6. Flip your bow over and pinch it. 7. If using pleather or other fabric for the center, fold the raw edges in a hot glue them in place to get a clean edge. 8. Wrap the pleather or ribbon around the center and then hot glue in place. 9. Hold the clip in place with an E6000.
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This bow would make a cute bun.
Looks super easy! Where do suggest to buy the fabrics?
@mikayla I'm not an expert in seeing or crafts but Joann's is my go-to place for frabrics!