It's only been two months since you left me and this world, everyone says it's time to move on and that life goes on yet, no one understands what it feels like for me to lose the one I love and the one who loved me in return. No matter how many times I'm told he's gone I still can't process it in my head knowing the one night I was talking to him and within a few hours of that being told I'll never hear you or see you again. It hurts within my soul and I feel every piece of my heart crumbling and no matter how hard I try to get myself together I just can't. I look around my house and see every second we spend together here, I see the memories crystal clear. When I was at his house, I saw the memories there too. No matter where I look I see us. All I know is that no one will ever be able to tell me you are truly gone because within me you are still alive I still feel your touch and hear your voice. I see your smile and hear your laughter, I Will Forever Love You above everything and above everyone. Until my heart stops beating and you and I are reunited once again ♡ I miss you. 061493112514 😘💑😢
I know it won't help much, but the memories you have will keep you strong, too~
@fallingwater - trying to be strong is the only option I have right now, thank you.
This is heart breaking... be strong ♡
thank you @onesmile