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Another flattering hairstyle for shoulder length or long hair beauties. It's easily my go-to hairstyle especially when my strands are flat. You can do this with any hair type (straight, wavy, curly) but I love doing this on straight hair because it looks polish. The braid also gives an interesting texture to the overall hairstyle. So give it a try! 1. Take a section from either side and do a basic braid near the front of your hairline. 2. Now, take the bangs from both side and pin it in back of your head. 3. Take the excess hair from the sections that you just pinned and braid it. 4. (Optional) Finish with hairspray!
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After seeing this I regret chopping my long hair off last fall...It's okay, I'll wait until summer to do this style.
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I love this. I wonder if it would look just as nice on naturally curly hair.
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This is so easy! I like my hair is a little too wavy for this but I will still give it a go~
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I need thicker hair for this hahaha If i make three braids in my hair I wont have any hair left to hang loose!!
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very cute
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