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A favorite for evening dates, simply because it makes the eye stand out without the full smokey eye effect. The trick is blending in a pink shimmer and dark shade near corners of the eyes to give a faded romantic look. A must try for every girl as it compliments every eye shape. Here's how: 1. Apply primer and pat on a pearl or ivory color shadow. 2. Use a pink shimmer over the entire lid. 3. Use a blush-like pink and apply it on the crease of your eyes. Remember to blend well with an angle brush. 4. Using a dusty brown/pink on the edge of the eyes. Begin with the lighter shade and then build up the corners of the eye with a darker shade. 5. Define the eyes with an eyeliner. Then apply mascara. 6. Finish off those gorgeous eyes with a bit of liner applied to your inner rim, on the lower part of your eye. If you want to add more depth to your eyes use a metallic purple on top of the lower liner.
So pretty. I bet this would make hazel eyes pop!
I love the bottom eyeliner!
The lining technique is really amazing here. It would take me a couple of tries to get it so precise.
The half-smokey effect is so nice! I'll have to practice!