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A rascally wintry blustery gust barges through a squeaky front door of a creaky cratchety little brown cabin, escorting a feathery fluttery little brown feather, in from a blusterily cold bluster ~ to dance a snuggly warm dance in the snuggly warm warmth of this particularly peculiarly cinnamonly warm little cabin on this particularly peculiarly cold cold morning. And, a curiously curious little note....just sort of, dangles....from a crispy crackly curious little fireplace.... ...albeit in a macaberly macabre sort of way... "Attention: All Newly Arrived Feathery Fluttery Little Brown Feathers, please report to the fireplace....IMMEDIATELY upon arrival" So naturally, the curiously curious little note's authors (a particularly malevolent group of mischievously flickering fierce little flames) commence to flickering and giggling with wild delight in nearly homicidal anticipation of the wayward feathery fluttery little brown traveler’s arrival. Meanwhile the rascally wintery gust thwacks open a window....heckling the flames, unleashing a hellstorm of commotion; tormenting rickety old shutters into a synchronized frenzy of ratta tat tat like syncopation while dozens and dozens of poor unlucky little snowflakes meet their poor unhappy little demise, pitter pattering into their final warm destiny of a warm glass window between two worlds, leaving a wet & wicked trail of confusion and disarray; to say nothing of the subsequent cringe worthy death wails of the expiring little snowflakes melt melt melting away. The maelstrom, then finally quieted only by an old copper kettle’s afternoon whistling signal for afternoon tea. The menacing fireplace raging with insane amounts of insane jollity. A famously forgetful cuckoo clock attempting four unenthusiastic cuckoos, but then unenthusiastically giving up on the third. A one eyed kitten opening one eye, then springing into action to investigate the unruliness it thought it might have seen with its one eye. Meanwhile....taunting....and teasing....the feathery fluttery little brown feather mocks the frustrated little fireplace.... ....performing a whistfully wonderfully fantastic freefall; whirling self-assured through the cinnamonly warm realm of a cinnamonly warm sanctuary, sailing safely away from the intolerably unsufferable and horrendously unendurable trickery ~ of the wicked old ill tempered fireplace-like mortuary of flickering giggling flames. The daring dance confidently choreographed with paternalistic supervision by the rascally wintery gust, wooshing it’s way through the creaky cratchety little brown cabin, helpfully dodging the unhelpful hearth’s unhelpful hocus-pocus, orchestrating a fluttery flottery joyfully joyful joy ballet....for a captive audience of two. The kitten is amused. The fire is not. Oh, and the rest of the frolicksome gallery?? ....well they've suddenly become a tadbit worn from the whole big ole hullaballoo. And then....all at once and once and for all....the determined feathery fluttery little brown feather twirls a sprightfully dancefully purposely spirally twirl ~ sailing onward towards a skillfully soft landing to claim it's dusty place on the dusty mantel atop the defeated little fireplace of frustrated little flames. And makes itself quite at home, when suddenly ~ suddenly a silent pause ~ in the silent calm ~ of the cinnamonly silent cabin: "Perhaps you could stay with us?? And play and play and play with us??" ….harkens the gallery.... "Perhaps all winter?? And maybe forever?? Starting today??" .…beckons the request.... And then....with a suddenly solitary cinnamonly silent pin drop....comes the much anticipated joyfully awaited reply: "Ohhhhhhhh (sigh) Ohhhh....Yes (sigh)....Yes, Yes, Yesss!!!" ....and so....with a thunderously frolicksome ovation from the thunderously frolicksome gallery ~ the spirited little page turner decides to stay ~ perhaps all winter ~ and maybe forever ~ starting today. A feathery fluttery little brown feather, left to its own devices.... maestro of its own agenda.
I really like the little phrase "then all at once and once and for all." It's more complicated than absolutely necessary, but I like it. @DjamesBreaux
This is lovely. Glad you finished it up!
I really loved the line "The kitten is amused. The fire is not." Very fun, playful piece that took me right into this world and it's small joyfulness.
Oh @Hikaymm, 4got 2 keeping with the Literary Nonsense genre of Alice's Adventures in this meeting, Dr Suess had just attended the Mad Hatter's Tea Party, where he drank the potion. Possibly laced with LSD.
@hikaymm Haha, yeh you're looking at probably the 25th incarnation of that one little phrase alone. On average, a piece gets edited, re-edited, worked, re-worked and completely rewritten hundreds of times, perhaps even up to 1000. I've never kept track, but it's endless. Here I wanted to wierd things up a bit; Tim Burton meets Dr Suess. Or maybe Alice & The Madhatter happened upon this little cabin on a stroll through the woods =D