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I love all the members of SHINee. I love all their voices, but Onew's voice is my favorite. His voice is so different and it's beautiful. Do you have a favorite particular voice in SHINee?
I could tell you my bias in any other group but Shinee. I love them all in their own way and would have to say depending on how i feel that day the person changes in Shinee.
I have always liked Onew more than anyone else in SHINee. dont get me wrong, I like all the members. they all have great voices but Onew is that one voice that makes you feel all warm inside. He is cute, funny and has an amazing voice
I am not a fan of shinee but always Onew catch my attention
Jonghyun was my favorite until I saw key dancing to Beyonce sweet dreams .. Key is now my favorite
I have always loved Key the most but Onew is just a ray of sunshine!