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Based on my profile picture which haircut should I get. I believe my face shape is heart but if I am wrong please comment below.
they look like the same hair cut to me the only difference is that the one on the left has the bangs in the face and the one one the right does not. I have the one on the left but if I crul my bangs back with a straightener then it looks like the one on the right
Actually I believe you have a more roundish I would think the style on the right would suit your face more :)
Luckily you have awesome cheekbones to support a stronger bang so I say the left (even though they look pretty similar haha)
I love the one on the left. I read in another card that that's one of the most flattering styles.
I agree with @zoe13. You'll have more styling options with the one on the left!
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