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1~2. Big apple hostel, where i had stayed for 3 nights. this pic is not quite informative haha:) anyway we can see how Istanbul's street looks like! 3. First Breakfast in Istanbul as well. Turkish breakfast was pretty attractive; tomato, pieces of bread, cucumber, potato, boiled egg and so on. I choose whatever i like on the morning buffet. 4. a little cute lighter, of course turkey design; one of impressive things in Turkey was that almost every lighter being sold was having turkey flag's design. 5~6. a heaven of cats. if you go to Turkey, you will see thousands of cats. these babies were raised by my staying. so cute! 7. on the terrace, after breakfast, with coffee. the moment i got happy about everything. Since i was in Istanbul first time in my life.
The terrace view looks amazing! The breakfast looks more a like a brunch to me. Still looks delicious!
@stargaze thnx for saying like that-!