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Love is in the air. And it's about damn time that it is a lot more entertaining! These cards do just that! 1) Valentine for the one you're stuck with. 2) Valentine for the girl who hates bugs (don't we all?) 3) Valentine for the hardcore Friends fan (I loved Ross!) 4) Valentine for the one you love no matter what. Darth breathing and all! 5) Valentine for umm ummm XD 6) Valentine for the person who annoys you the least 7) Valentine who you love with everything. I mean everything! 8) Valentine for the Harry Potter fan (Aren't we all? Am I missing something?) 9) Valentine for the one who is always patient with you 10) Valentine for the one who gets you.
Great cards!!! Love 1, 2 and 4. That fourth one is really stylish.
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I love the "you repulse me the least." An I love you for those who just don't know how to say it lolol
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I want to get one of these for my sister.
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@danidee I feel like these are ideal for friends or family lol
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Didn't think of it that way @onesmile but you're right. Good idea!
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