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I'm sure you've heard the phrase "it takes losing 5lbs for others to notice and 10lbs for you to notice," regarding how difficult it is to see your own progress in your fitness journey. So how, other than watching scale (which isn't always the best indicator of health!), can you see if your efforts are making a difference? - BMI: Body mass index measures body fat based on height and weight. It is best used for kids or overweight individuals because for those who are in the 'safe zone' it doesn't give a super accurate reading (it doesn't take muscle weight into account so even though you're healthy, it might say you need to lose a few pounds) This is a good way to set weight loss goals though because it accurately tells you the lowest healthy weight for your body type. - Body Measurements: Measuring progress by tracking your waist, hips, abs and other areas can show you that even though you didn't lose a pound, you might have lost inches in your waist! Good sites to measure include waist (circle around where you normally wear a belt), hips (at the widest part), thigh (at the widest part) and chest (at the fullest part). - Fitness Apps: Make one fitness app your best friend. It becomes a fun way to motivate yourself to eat healthy and workout, and it will tell you when you're getting off track! - Body-Fat Calipers: Often used by personal trainers to measure a client’s body fat, it’s important to find someone skilled at operating it in order to get accurate measurements. Ask at your local gym or at the doctors during a physical if they can give you a reading. - Before and After Photos: It is hard to see the changes in our bodies when we see ourselves everyday! The day to day changes are so slight that they might go unnoticed - having a before picture will show you just how far you've come!
For accurate measurements you can always ask a trainer at your gym without signing up for any personal training haha
Measuring yourself is awesome, especially when muscle makes you smaller but weigh more...
Also if you gain a muscle and loose fat. The scale will not show that. A pound of muscle only takes 1/4 of the space that a pound of fat takes
I usually just go by how I feel :) If I feel healthy, I probably am, right?
I love fitness apps! I love seeing the time on my mile jog improve.
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